The first 6 sections of my complete Vue.js application tutorial are now published. This series is designed to give a broader scope than most of the existing Vue.js learning material available while being practical and pragmatic. It will cover the complete development of a personal budgeting application with topics such as dealing with local storage […]

With the surge of popularity of Vue.js over the past year, a multitude of Vue-specific front end frameworks have appeared on the scene. Having options is great for the developer. But it can also be overwhelming when choosing between them. This is an effort to compare the various options available, in an unbiased and approachable […]

Testing in Vue.js is easy. To start a new project with the testing framework already in place: $ npm install –global vue-cli $ vue init webpack my-project $ cd my-project $ npm install $ npm run test Wait until it finishes and you'll see passing unit and end to end tests. Whoever said the JavaScript […]

When Benjamin Franklin sat down to write in his diary what would eventually become the Gettysburg Address, he agonized over his choice of medium – stick with the tried and true stone tablet with hammer and chisel, or lend credence to this new fangled paper and pen? Here I am, 972 years later, faced with […]

While writing unit tests for a growing Vue.js application last week, I needed a simple way to return test data for various HTTP requests that vue-resource fired off, without actually querying the server. There are libraries out there that can help with mocks and stubs and spies and a thousand other situations, but my needs […]

Here is the final slider. Or you can play around with it on JSFiddle. An image slider is the quintessential use case for vue.js. It's a single, distinct component that requires data management, DOM updates, and user interaction. I recently needed a very simple image slider on a marketing page I was developing for a […]