First segment of my Vue.js tutorial is published!

The first 6 sections of my complete Vue.js application tutorial are now published. This series is designed to give a broader scope than most of the existing Vue.js learning material available while being practical and pragmatic. It will cover the complete development of a personal budgeting application with topics such as

  • dealing with local storage
  • using Vuex and Vue-Router
  • project structure for a mid-size application
  • development workflow (for a solo programmer)
  • communicating between components and modules
  • writing DRY, decoupled Vue.js code
  • building an intelligent, flexible site navigation

I estimate there will be 18 sections when it is completed. The next 4 sections are already written and will be published within the next 2-3 weeks. The rest of the series is actively being written.

Go check it out!

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